Who we are

We are a leading global clinical trials management company that assists community physicians and teaching institutions/hospitals by leveraging existing relationships with the pharmaceutical companies to participate in global clinical trials and to provide the highest quality patient care and access to novel treatments.

Our Value Proposition

We cater to both pharmaceutical companies and physicians. PRS has established a consortium of Physicians and KOL’s in not only the USA but in India and Pakistan. Our research sites are equipped with state of the art infrastructure to execute the clinical trials. Our research team provides a compendium of capability deeply rooted in the disciplines of clinical research.  PRS has physicians and management with over 200 years of collective experience in the clinical research.

We are able to provide pharmaceutical companies access to infrastructure in countries with high prevalence of certain diseases.

Our Leadership

Investigator team

  • Leena Chacko
    Leena Chacko Primary Investigator
  • A V S Suresh
    A V S Suresh Primary Investigator
  • Imtiaz Alam Chief Medical Officer
  • Abagail R. Neiman
    Abagail R. Neiman Primary Investigator
  • Subodh K Bhuchar
    Subodh K Bhuchar Primary Investigator
  • Mohammad T. Aziz Primary Investigator
  • Peter R. Kavapil
    Peter R. Kavapil Primary Investigator
  • Paul Alan Stweart
    Paul Alan Stweart Primary Investigator
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