Our team of physician investigators and clinical research professionals value all of our volunteers and are committed to bringing quality care and quality research. We deliver personal care through our trials for every patient every day. Clinical trial volunteers are provided with the highest quality expert care, with kindness and compassion and have the opportunity to participate in advancing medicine through their participation in our trials.

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We are committed to be a resource for our study volunteers to obtain medical care through our clinical trials. Everyone is welcome to participate! No medical insurance or payments are necessary to participate in any of our trials. All studies compensate our volunteers for taking the time and traveling to our site.

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All of our physicians are board certified in their specialty areas including cardiology, internal medicine, gynecology, gastroenterology, psychiatry & ophthalmology. These specialists see our volunteers during office visits and have the time to dedicate to their needs. As a volunteer in a trial, you will have the opportunity to contribute to advancing medicine by getting new medications approved for a variety of medical conditions.

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